Bergamot Tonic Hair Loss Itchy Scalp Anti Dandruff Gold

Protect your hair loss
Prevents bacteria and mold growth.
Stimulates new growth and cell


Protect your hair loss today with Bergamot. Improves your healthy scalp and prevents bacteria and mold growth. Bergamot is a hair tonic that will stop your hair loss effectively with essential extract from nature. Reducing chemical touch to your hair, you can choose to treat your sensitive scalp with natural treatment. Bergamot products are made purely of natural plant extracts, from leaves, stem, bark and roots of plants beneficial to hair roots. That inhibits the growth of bacteria and mould, reduce inflammation of subcutaneous glands and nourish hair roots. They also stimulate cells to function effectively and generate new hair growth, and improve blood vessels and circulation under scalp. Weak or damaged roots are restored to health and able to support new growth. Why should you buy this product? Generate hair growth & reduce hair loss. Special Formula Bergamot Hair Tonic, made from plant and natural essences such as Herbal Extract, 7 Herbs Extract. Herbasol-Complex E Plant Extract effectively slows hair loss and stimulates new growth and cell metabolism of hair follicles. It rapidly stops and prevents bacteria and mold growth on scalp and treats infectious inflammation of hair root to make roots stronger and healthier. Special properties: Specially formulated to penetrate the scalp’s oil barrier to nourish roots deep down. (Most liquids cannot penetrate oil barrier). Ingredient : Bergamot oil extract, Polyvalent Herbal Extract, Lanolin Derivatives, Vitamin Combination, 7 herbs extracts, and more. Size : 200ml
How to use: : Apply tonic at least twice daily (morning and evening). Do not rinse. Ensure that your hair and scalp are cleaned before using the tonic. Dry hair then applies a few drops of hair tonic to scalp. For effectiveness, work into area by quickly massaging with finger tips. Continue to do this until the tonic has been applied to the entire scalp. Do not apply to entire scalp and then massage.
Protect your hair loss
Prevents bacteria and mold growth.
Stimulates new growth and cell

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