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Botanic Hearth Volumizing Hair Loss Shampoo Review

Do you notice that your hair is shedding a lot more recently? Do you have bald patches at odd areas in your head? Are you suffering from male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Botanic Hearth Volumizing Hair Loss Shampoo may be the ideal solution for you.

What is Botanic Hearth Volumizing Hair Loss Shampoo

Botanic Hearth hair volumizing shampoo is a hair care product specifically designed for persons who are suffering from hair loss. The shampoo cleanses your scalp and hair. It is formulated with organic nutrients which add strength and luster to your hair. It’s gentle on your hair and it’s designed for daily use. It also revitalizes hair; giving it strength and volume. By most accounts it seems to be quite effective at achieving substantial results.

It is in the DHT blocking class of shampoos and conditioners. For those of you who don’t know the hormone DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is one of the major culprits when it comes to balding especially in aging men.

DHT and DHT Blocking Shampoos

DHT plays a very important role in men. It is the hormone that causes men to have a deep voice, greater muscle mass and more body hair. Unfortunately though, it also is responsible for shrinking the size of your hair follicles. It’s a great hormone for growing hair all over your body except for your scalp. DHT blocking shampoo work reducing the receptivity of your hair follicles to DHT, hence reducing its damaging effect on hair follicles.


About the Company


Botanic Hearth utilizes a reliable formula for its volumizing shampoo. The shampoo is made in the USA. Botanic Hearth Cosmeceuticals is a leader in the industry. Their various products have gained approval across the globe due to their reliability. They are good for present-day fashion conscious men and women.

The shampoo gives your hair a nice look that matches your identity well. Styling and hair maintenance are eased with use of this shampoo. The shampoo helps in removing kinks and knots in hair. The hair remains pliable and easy to comb through. You will notice less hair falling during combing due to the strength added to your hair and scalp.

Ingredients in Botanic Hearth Volumizing Hair Loss Shampoo

Amazing ingredients go into the making of the botanic hearth volumizing hair loss shampoo. The shampoo is based on de-ionized water. It puts to use a number of trusted formulas that have been used for centuries. The hair volumizing shampoo also contains extracts from selected plants. The Botanic Hearth hair volumizing shampoo is enriched with nutrients and vitamins that are important for strong hair strands. Essential oils in the shampoo are therapeutic which will help you relax and relieve stress.

It has a sweet calming fragrance that reduces tension, fear and anxiety. A hair wash with shampoo works wonders just before your relaxation time. It easily puts you in tranquility with nature so you can enjoy a few quiet moments. The scent is not too feminine to be worrisome to men. It works well on both men and women. Additionally, the simple lovable scent is not overpowering. It does not last for an inappropriately long period of time after a wash.

Oils in the shampoo help you avoid fly-aways. The amount of oil in the shampoo is minimal and its primary purpose is to only keep strands together without making your hair excessively oily. The shampoo also prevents hair from accumulating static. Your hair loses frizz. Regular use of the shampoo in the proper way leaves your hair with a great shine and luster to it while being always soft and supple.


Features of Botanic Hearth Hair Volumizing Hair Loss Shampoo

A number of features make the Botanic Hearth Hair Volumizing shampoo a good bargain. It is gentle and does not interfere with color-treated hair. The shampoo is unisex. Men and women have both lauded the shampoo for its quick working and excellent results and the shampoo is suitable for people of all ages. It does not have allergens that may raise issues with children and the aged. Other features that make the shampoo highly recommended are;

  • The shampoo is great for tackling hair fall. It gives you a clean scalp and strong healthy hair grows. The simple stresses that come with styling and use of headbands does not damage your hair if you regularly wash it with Botanic Hearth volumizing shampoo.
  • Botanic Hearth Hair Volumizing shampoo is a pure and natural cosmeceutical. It is free of sulfates and parabens.
  • The shampoo cleanses your hair and scalp very well. Your head feels fresh for long afterwards. Flaking is also eliminated by this shampoo. Dandruffs in your hair become a thing of your past with this shampoo.
  • You have a great scent after washing your scalp and hair with Botanic Hearth Hair Volumizing shampoo. Your scalp breathes in the freshness of this shampoo since it is always clean and well nourished.
  • Botanic Hearth Cosmeceuticals products are not tested on animals. You can therefore be sure that you are using a product that has caused no animal cruelty.

Effectiveness of Botanic Hearth Hair Volumizing Hair Growth Shampoo

This Botanic Hearth volumizing hair loss shampoo is very effective. Many users reported that they started noticing within 2 weeks of first use. On average though I think you should give it a month before you should expect to start noticing a difference. In about 4-5 weeks, your hair will show renewal and growth. By the time you are through your first bottle of this shampoo, if you are consistent with prescribed application and use I’m confident that you will be impressed with the results.

Downsides of Botanic Hearth Volumizing Hair Loss Shampoo

The only downside of note with the Botanic Hearth hair volumizing shampoo is that it is sold as a stand-alone product. Persons looking to purchase this product will have to buy the shampoo and conditioner separately. A number of excellent Botanic hearth products are a good match for this shampoo. There are no known negative side effects of using the Botanic Hearth volumizing hair loss shampoo.

  • For best results, use the Botanic Hearth hair volumizing shampoo alongside Botanic Hearth activated Charcoal Conditioner. The two work well together to give you soft, well clarified hair.


How to Use Botanic Hearth Volumizing Hair Loss Shampoo

Using the Botanic Hearth hair volumizing shampoo is easy. Apply it to already wetted hair and then massage it into the scalp and hair. Work it to the ends well and cover your whole hair bulk. Allow the shampoo to sit for a minute or two before rinsing it off. The shampoo is very gentle. It is suitable for daily use. Children washing with the shampoo may require supervision. The shampoo should not be swallowed. Additionally, avoid contact of the shampoo and eyes. If it happens, use copious amounts of clean water to flush out the shampoo. It is right to keep the shampoo out of the reach of very young children. The shampoo is so safe for use on hair that not home testing is required for it.



The shampoo is well packaged. It is put in a darkened bottle to preserve antioxidants. It keeps out light that degrades the shampoo and reduces its effectiveness. A pump-mechanism is employed for your ease of use. It minimizes spillage while drawing shampoo for use. The bottle is 8 inches tall and holds 16 fl oz, equivalent to 473 ml of shampoo. The bottle is hardy. It does not break easily and remains intact even when it falls from considerable heights. Once you have used some of the shampoo, the bottle is able to survive longer falls.

Only a little of the Botanic Hearth volumizing hair loss shampoo is required at a time. A large dollop is sufficient for a single hair wash. The shampoo lathers well through your hair even without sulphates that cause inflammation of the scalp. This makes the shampoo a great bargain. It sets it apart from other shampoos that require large volumes to be used for them to work.

Your bottle of Botanic Hearth hair volumizing shampoo does not quickly drain. There is fair time between purchase of one bottle of this shampoo and the next one. You get excellent value for every purchase of a bottle of Botanic Hearth hair volumizing shampoo. Since the shampoo quickly becomes a favorite, you should try buying a few bottles at a time, hence purchasing a pair or trio of bottles is a great time and money saver. The shampoo is reasonably priced for the value it gives you.


Essential oil extracts such as Rosemary oil and hair growth promoting ingredients such as Biotin which are found in Botanic Hearth hair volumizing shampoo which make it a great stand-alone piece in your hair care routine. Other extracts found in the Botanic Hearth hair volumizing shampoo include Argan oil, Urtica Dioica extract, Serenoa Serrulata extract, Cedrus Atlantica in a cocktail of 36 excellent ingredients. A bottle of Botanic Hearth Hair volumizing shampoo is a great gift to a loved one or any one in your family who may be suffering from hair loss.