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Cayenne and Saw palmetto Scalp Stimulating Botanical Shampoo


Botanical Green Hair growth shampoo comes from a company that advocates for health as an being integral part of life. Botanical Green Care combines science and nature in the products it offers. The goal of the company is to help you stay gorgeous and healthy. The Botanical Green hair growth shampoo is only one of the many impressive cosmeceuticals made by Botanical Green Care. It sits alongside excellent conditioners, moisturizers, gel masks and hair growth serums. Botanical Green Care prides itself in using organic and all natural ingredients in all its products.

What is Cayenne and Saw palmetto Scalp Stimulating Botanical Shampoo


A lot of thought goes into making the Botanical Green hair growth shampoo. Formulations specifically developed for the shampoo reduces hair loss and stimulate hair growth. This shampoo feeds your hair to make it stronger and thicker. It prevents premature loss of hair. The highly effective formula in the Botanical Green hair growth shampoo encourages better blood circulation in your scalp. Your hair follicles remain in the growth phase for longer periods of time.

The method used to fight hair loss in the Botanical green hair growth shampoo is very natural. It addresses all the factors that contribute to thinning, drying and falling off of hair. Botanical Green hair growth shampoo is fine to use daily. It lathers easily and you only need to use a small amount per time. Daily use is recommended in your first month of using the shampoo to speed up hair restoration.


Ingredients Found in Cayenne & Saw palmetto Scalp Stimulating Botanical Shampoo


Botanical Green hair growth shampoo contains botanical ingredients that have been sourced in a very carefully controlled process. They include growth stimulators, essential nutrients, fatty acids, omega-3 oils, proteins and vitamins. All extracts from plants are obtained by cold pressing which keeps the shampoo free of parabens.

The shampoo features biotin, DHT blockers, keratin, niacin and Pro-vitamin B5 to make your hair healthier and more resilient. Essential oils in the shampoo include Tea Tree, Peppermint, Palmarosa, Clove, Lemongrass and Grapefruit oil among others. The ingredients used are 100% natural. The ingredients restore your hair’s structure from the roots to the tips. No animals suffer cruelty in the acquisition and processing of Botanical Green hair growth shampoo ingredients.

Features of Cayenne and Saw palmetto Scalp Stimulating Botanical Shampoo


No harsh chemicals are found in the Botanical green Hair growth shampoo. The shampoo delivers deep cleaning while stimulating the scalp to nourish and rejuvenate hair follicles. Direct moisture delivered to hair roots supports your scalp to be healthy and good looking. Botanical green hair growth shampoo reduces occurrence of dandruff. It prevents flaking and growth of microbes on your scalp. The various components in the shampoo work in synergy to stabilize and counter the effects of androgenetic alopecia.



Botanical Green hair growth shampoo is packaged in a slender opaque bottle. The bottle has a hue of green and is opaque to preserve the shampoo’s strength at its maximum. Each bottle of the shampoo holds 8fl oz (236 ml) of shampoo. A number of Botanical Green Care products go well with this shampoo. These include conditioners and various creams. There are no side effects you suffer from using the Botanical green hair growth shampoo; whether alone or with other Botanical Green Care products.

Benefits of Cayenne and Saw palmetto Scalp Stimulating Botanical Shampoo


Both men and women can use Botanical Green hair growth shampoo. It works equally well for both genders. It can be used on all hair types. The shampoo is safe to use on color-treated hair. Using Botanical Green hair growth shampoo has a number of benefits to your hair. This premium organic restructuring treatment for your hair is great because;

  • Hair loss is stopped in problem areas. The shampoo stimulates growth of new hair too.
  • The shampoo makes your hair thicker and fuller. It awakens dormant hair follicles.
  • Your hair becomes shiny and with a luster. Your hair looks smooth, sleek, and acquires a faint luminosity.
  • The shampoo works quickly to give you a light, pleasant stimulating feeling in your scalp.
  • Alopecia is very well addressed by the botanical green hair growth shampoo



Botanical Green hair growth shampoo has a number of shortcomings. The screw-on cap is the major weakness of this hair rejuvenation shampoo. It is cumbersome to use while drawing shampoo for use. The cap leads to spills and wastage of shampoo. The bottle of shampoo may often be left uncapped for significant periods of time, leading to deterioration of the shampoo in quality. This is because oxygen enters the bottle and reacts with antioxidants in the shampoo. It would be a great idea if Botanical Green used a pump-mechanism instead. Other weaknesses of Botanical green hair growth shampoo are;

  • The bottle of shampoo is small and sold as a stand-alone product. It would be better if the shampoo was sold in a set with other Botanical green hair care products.
  • A single bottle of Botanic Green Hair growth shampoo does not hold a large volume of the shampoo compared to other similar shampoos in the market. There are bottles of shampoo from other manufacturers holding up to double the volume of shampoo.




Technology and faster travel have made us globetrotters. An often overlooked hot selling point of shampoos is their ability to accompany you in your travels. The size of this shampoo is small enough to fit in most suitcases. You will not have reason to leave behind shampoo in your exploration of the world. For the frequent traveler, a fresh bottle at the start of your journey will last you to the end of the journey. Another plus that makes this shampoo popular with travelers is that Botanical Green hair growth shampoo is widely available across the globe. If you run out of shampoo, it is easy to replenish your stock from any major store near you.

This hair growth shampoo from Botanical Green Care is a recommendable shampoo for when you are losing hair. It is also useful for maintenance of a healthy crop of hair. You may buy the shampoo online or from a store near you. For first-timers, go for 2-3 bottles of the shampoo on your first purchase. It saves you some money and you will not need to visit the store soon again.

Botanical Green Hair growth shampoo is very quick acting and effective. Within a short time, you will notice a difference that puts a smile on your face. In a few weeks of using the shampoo, it repairs your existing hair while nourishing the scalp. After some more time, you notice new growth of hair even on previously bald spots. By the time you are through your first 1-2 bottles of this shampoo, you will be experiencing the full restorative benefits of the shampoo. The shampoo restores your hair in three main ways;

  • First, it makes your scalp stronger and more capable of supporting hair growth. The scalp also gets stronger so it can hold your hair strands in a stronger grip.
  • Second, Botanical Green hair growth shampoo smoothes hair strands. It repairs broken strands and heals them. Additionally, essential oils and moisture in the shampoo brings split ends together. This prevents further splitting and breaking of hair strands.
  • Last, the shampoo triggers stronger hair to grow. Your fresh, newly growing hair has longer, stronger strands with improved thickness.

It is not every day that you come across a superior product that gives you excellent value for your money. That is why you need to buy a bottle of Botanical Green hair growth shampoo today. Your consideration in fighting hair loss should include such a shampoo that is formulated without harmful chemicals. Botanical Green hair growth shampoo is an awesome hair care companion that replaces all other shampoos you might be using.