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Pura D’OR Curl Therapy 3 Piece Set

Pura D’OR is a pure solution that offers more than care for your hair. The Pura D’OR company is behind a number of popular hair care products in the world. The Pura D’OR Curl Therapy 3 –piece set is only one of these excellent products. It is made using a proprietary blend that includes Argan oil. Pura D’OR uses organic oils and extracts in its products.

A lot of care is taken in making the Pura D’OR curl therapy 3-piece set. It does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Parabens, Phthalates or artificial colorants. You will also find no mineral oil, petroleum, allergens or synthetic fragrances in this Pura D’OR product. All Pura D’OR products are additionally made free of Propylene Glycol, Formaldehyde, Metallic Aluminum, Triclosan, Toluene and Gluten. These chemicals are all known to be harmful to your skin, scalp and hair.

Extracts in the set include Argan oil which is a gold standard in healing individual issues in hair. Other extracts found in Pura D’OR products are Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Vitamins, Vanilla and nutrients. The extracts in Pura D’OR curl therapy 3-piece set are obtained by cod pressing which preserves the aroma of the original plants.

Pura D’OR curl therapy 3-piece set hydrates hair. It protects curls in your hair to give you an ultimate definition of style and a bounce in your step. The kit has Chia seed extract. This makes the set great for the structure and shape of your hair. It also reduces frizz in your hair. The curl therapy set nourishes hair with its plant-based formula. It is approved by dermatologists for use on all types of skin.


Ingredients Found in Pura D’OR Curl Therapy 3-piece Set

There are three bottles in the Pura D’OR curl therapy set. They are a shampoo for washing your hair, a conditioner and a leave-in cream.

  • The ingredients found in this Pura D’OR curl therapy set are spread out in the three bottles that make up the Pura D’OR curl therapy 3-piece set.
  • These ingredients are useful in encouraging retention of shape and structure in your hair.
  • Additionally, they nourish your hair while giving it a boost in shine and luster.

A powerful cocktail of ingredients goes into the Pura D’OR curl therapy 3-piece set. Chia seed extract, linseed extract, organic Kukui seed oil, coconut oil and Aloe Vera are all found in the Pura D’OR curl therapy set. Kukui seed oil locks in moisture in your hair. This prevents hair from becoming excessively dry and brittle. Coconut oil foul in the conditioner detangles hair and gives it additional softness. The curl therapy cream in the set gives your hair a touchable hold and reduces frizz.

Use of the Pura D’OR curl therapy set has numerous benefits for hair. Proper use of the kit gently cleanses hair and your scalp. It also hydrates and softens hair. The Pura D’OR curl therapy set is great for lovers of curly hair. Additionally, the shampoo and cream keep your scalp free of dandruffs and well nourished for improved growth of hair. This set is the best option for you when you notice your hair thinning out or falling off.

Features of Pura D’OR Curl Therapy 3 Piece Set

Beautiful curls brimming with health are your reward for using the Pura D’OR curl therapy 3-piece set. The set is great because;

  • It employs premium ingredients selected by hand. This is done in an in-house laboratory by chemists who are focused on formulas powered by nature.
  • Unique extracts, plants, oils and proteins are sourced and used in the set.
  • The set has no use of preservatives. A purely natural system is used in preservation by putting to use formulas that are safe and effective without the need of controversial preservatives.
  • A bio-based score rating makes sure that ingredients for the set are from plants and renewable agricultural sources.
  • Strict quality control measures are taken to ensure ingredients are in consistent levels in every batch of products. An in house team at Pura D’OR continuously sees to this.
  • The set is made in facilities powered by renewable energy. The facilities are solar-powered to reinforce Pura’s commitment to the environment and ecological focus.

Possible Downsides

A number of downsides have been noted with improper use of the Pura D’OR curl therapy 3-piece set. These are often a result of having excessively oily hair to begin with and possibly expired products.

  • Make sure that the set you use is fresh from Pura D’OR .
  • You should also test and smell the various contents in the three bottles of the curl-therapy set.
  • Oil in the conditioner is light and easily absorbed. To avoid having excessively oily hair, use only as much of the conditioner as you need. Consider using less if you have naturally oily hair.


Side Effects

There are no known side effects of using the Pura D’OR curl therapy 3-piece set. It is free of parabens and sulfates that damage hair. The set is made to be hypoallergenic. It does not cause adverse immunological reactions even in children. Children as young as 7 years old have a great time using the set on their hair. Take note to avoid contact between the products in the set and eyes. If accidental contact is made, wash your eyes with plenty of water immediately. Do not swallow any of the contents in the 3-piece curl therapy set.


How its Made

The bottles in the Pura D’OR curl therapy set are made of dark opaque material. This is because antioxidants are found in some of the ingredients used in making the shampoo, conditioner and cream in the Pura D’OR curl therapy 3-piece set. Antioxidants are quite sensitive to light and exposure to air. They get degraded and lose their effectiveness. The intelligent packaging seen in the Pura D’OR curl therapy set assures you that the powerhouse ingredients used in the kit are preserved in their best form.

The shampoo and conditioner bottles have 16 fl oz (473 ml) of contents. They have a friendly pump-dispenser mechanism for getting just the amount of shampoo you want for a wash. Pump-dispensing ensures no spills and wastage of shampoo or conditioner. The shampoo in this curl therapy set lathers up well. This is despite it having no sulfates.

The leave-in cream in the curl therapy set is significantly less than the shampoo and conditioner. The bottle is made of similar opaque material but contains 8 fl oz (237 ml) of cream. Unfortunately, it does not have the pump-dispenser mechanism found in the shampoo and conditioner bottles. This is because you only need a little of the cream for your hair at a time.

Who is It For

Virtually anyone can use Pura D’OR curl therapy 3-piece set. It work swell for all hair types including African American and Caucasian hair. Both sexes comfortably use the curl therapy set for their hair. Biracial people and those with kinky curly hair find the Pura D’OR curl therapy 3-piece set a great companion for their hair. Pura D’OR curl therapy set is suitable for colored hair as well. It does not strip away colors or react harshly on treated hair. Dry hair is the biggest beneficiary of treatment with Pura D’OR curl therapy set.

Buy or Not to Buy?

Overall, Pura D’OR curl therapy 3-piece set is a good product. It lives up to its claims. The scent of Aloe Vera overpowers other scents in the shampoo but does not linger long afterwards. The scent is floral and very refreshing for the time it lasts. Dividing the set into three separate bottles gives you excellent value for your money. It makes sure that with proper use, the Pura D’OR curl therapy 3-piece set last for a long time.