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Batiste Dry Shampoo Clean and Classic Review

Having a bad hair day on your way out the door? Or do you want to keep that awesome blowout or new style going strong for another day or two? The Batiste Dry Shampoo Clean and Classic scent refreshes your hair instantly, absorbing annoying scalp oils at the root and giving you a full, fresh, sexy, luxurious head of hair in seconds. Spray it on your hair, massage it in, and style away!

The Batiste Dry Shampoo Original is great for working moms, teens ready to make an impression in high school. It is convenient and easy to use on the go, no matter where you are … in your home, office, car, the gym or fitness center, or out and about on the town. Just spray the Batiste Dry Shampoo on your roots, rub it in for a moment, and you’ll notice instant results. Extend your hairstyle or blowout by an extra day or more, OR use the Batiste Dry Shampoo for a quick, reliable fix between shampoos.

Don’t have time to shower and wash your hair? Don’t have extra time in front of the mirror perfecting your hairstyle every morning? Batiste Dry Shampoo is there for you. The “clean and classic” scent revitalizes your hair with a delicate, fresh perfume, not an overpowering one. You’ll feel renewed, and your hair will show it. Use it anywhere – your office, home, the fitness center, running errands, in the car before an important event or before you head into school for the day. It’s so convenient and it’s geared to save you time in your important day.

Product Details

  • Use it on-the-go to extend your hairstyle or blowout for days
  • Takes only seconds to spray in and refresh your style or blowout
  • Clean and classic scent
  • Convenient size fits easily in purse and bags (weight 7 oz)

The Batiste Dry Shampoo is a starch-based formula that absorbs scalp oil and grease at the hair root, boosting body and leaving hair smelling clean and refreshed, and looking sleek, full of body, and ready for another day of your favorite blowout or style. Batiste dry shampoo is formulated for most hair types – oily, regular or dry – and is also safe for color-processed hair. Batiste Dry Shampoo volumizes and builds up both fine and thick hair.

This no-water-needed shampoo is not tested on animals. Batiste Dry Shampoo is sulfate and paraben free.


Shake can vigorously and spray Batiste into the roots, keeping the nozzle 30cm from hair. Massage through with fingertips. Brush hair and style as usual.


We all know what shampoo is, right? It is what you use to wash your hair. While shampooing gives a great clean and fresh feel and is also great for hair health, washing your hair every day strips it of moisture and is in the end not healthy for you.

So what do you do if you have naturally greasy hair? The kind that looks and feels oily hours after you wash it? What do you do when you just don’t have the time to shampoo your hair the traditional way?

Once in a while, there comes a product that completely revolutionizes things. Adding a little less inconvenience to our “oh so hectic” lives. Dry shampoo is one of these products and Batiste Dry Shampoo Clean and Dry is the dry shampoo of choice for many.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Clean and Dry gives you the advantage of skipping the tedious routine of regular shampooing, conditioning, drying then styling your hair.

On those days when you really need to be on the move fast, you just need to spray, brush and style. What’s great about it is that you will still have that fresh, non-greasy look and feel and the added advantage of body and volume for your hair.

Why Use Batiste Shampoo Clean and Classic?

Dries Up an Oily Scalp

The level of oiliness of the scalp varies from one person to another. This shampoo will help you get rid of that oily feel instantly making you feel like you just washed your hair.

Gets Rid of Odor

You might have had a long day at work. You may even have had an evening out with friends or family. Maybe you danced for hours. Or perhaps you have a few friends who smoked during your night out. You may even be a smoker yourself. Fast forward to the next morning and what you have now is hair that smells. Bad! You don’t want to wash it daily because of time constraints or even the damage that will cause.

All you need to do is use Batiste Dry Shampoo Clean and Classic. Spray this on and it will leave your hair with a great scent in minutes!

It Adds Texture

There’s nothing wrong with a silky flat hairdo. It works sometimes. There are those days, however, when you feel you need more bounce, body, and volume in your hair. That’s when a can of Batiste Dry Shampoo Clean and Classic comes in handy. It gives you just that in a matter of minutes.

To Bring Your Curls Back to Life. This is another application use for this shampoo. You might wake u and find your curls all gone. Do not panic. Simply spray on some Batiste Dry Shampoo and do a quick re-style. It brings it out more while making the curls last longer.

You Shampoo Less Frequently

Everybody would love to have that fresh and clean feel that comes with shampooing your hair with regular shampoo every day, right?

Well, it’s just not healthy for your hair. It will strip it of its moisture and leave you with dry brittle hair that easily breaks. Nobody wants that.

Batiste Dry Shampoo allows you to skip a day or two in-between while still giving you a clean, non-greasy feel and look. So your hair stays healthy and you stay happy. It’s a win win.

It Conserves Your Hair Color

There is a wide variety of professional shampoos formulated for color treated hair. You can use these faithfully every day. Fact is, shampooing causes your hair color to lose some vibrancy after a number of washes. The hair color eventually slowly fades off. Especially semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair colors because they do not penetrate as deeply into the hair shaft as permanent colors do. And every shampoo wash gets it one step closer to fading off. My solution is simple. I skip a few regular shampoo sessions a week and instead use a dry shampoo.

It Saves You Time

You have hit snooze on your alarm a few too many times. You are running late for work. You have no time to shampoo and dry your hair. You have to be out of the door in twenty minutes! Do not panic. Just dry shampoo. It will give you a fresh, clean and dry look in minutes.

It Adds Volume to Your Hair

You may have had a hectic day at work. You have been up and down all day. Your hair is sweaty and greasy. You feel tired and it shows by the look of your limp oily hair. You have a date or a meeting in the evening and there really isn’t time to get home and hit the showers. Dry shampoo comes in handy. Not only will it give your hair a nice scent and get rid of the grease but it also adds volume to your hair and in a few minutes you look like you have just had a blow-out.

It Can Soothe an Irritated Scalp

When your scalp is irritated and sensitive perhaps due to a new or different hair regime or after coloring your hair, spray on Batiste Dry Shampoo Clean and Classic. Its cooling properties will offer you relief.

It Offers Convenience

Aside from a mad dash for the door in the morning, this dry shampoo comes in very handy for those who go for a morning ran or a session at the gym. You get the fresh, dry feel after using the dry shampoo so you don’t have to go through the regular water shampooing process every day.

How to Use It

Its application is pretty simple and fast. First off, make sure your hair is dry before you proceed. Remember dry shampooing is used in place of the regular shampooing process with water. So here’s how.

  • Shake the can well
  • Separate your hair into columns from ear to ear
  • Spray the shampoo into the scalp along the lines. Make sure that the shampoo can is 8-10 inches away from the scalp as you spray
  • Leave the shampoo on for a few minutes
  • Massage it into the scalp thoroughly with your fingers while at the same time spreading it to the rest of the hair
  • Brush it out thoroughly with a small-bristled brush to get rid of the powdery white substance
  • Style as desired


  • It Prevents your hair from drying and breaking due to daily regular shampooing
  • You can find it in stores in large to small sized cans. This gives you the option of a large size can suitable for home use or a smaller one for carrying in your bag
  • It has a pleasant fragrance that disappears a short while after you apply it so it won’t interfere with the daily body fragrance you will wear
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo Clean and Classy gives your hair body, volume, and texture by sapping out the grease in it
  • It is fairly priced in comparison to other dry shampoos and is also easily available
  • You can find it available for different shades of hair. Whether you are a blonde, brunette or a redhead, there’s a Batiste dry shampoo for you.


  • You must apply more of it if your hair is thick. This means you’ll use up more cans.
  • If your hair is extremely oily, you might need to reapply the shampoo during the day. The effect of one application just won’t last you all day.
  • If you do not massage in the shampoo well after spraying it on, it won’t be very effective
  • The shampoo is powdery so you will need to really get in there and brush it out. This takes some time and energy.
  • If not sprayed from the correct distance, it forms more of the powdery white layer. This can be extremely hard to get out.



Batiste Dry Clean and Classy shampoo gives you just that. A clean and classy feeling.

With our busy lives and schedules, time can be a luxury we do not have. For a microwave generation, anything that helps us do something fast and consumes less of our time is always welcome. Dry shampoo as I mentioned earlier is one of those things that you just cannot do without for more reasons than one.

There is a warning, however. If you find yourself reaching out for a can of Bastile Dry Clean and Classy Shampoo for the fourth day in a row, it time to hit the shower and shampoo your hair the old fashioned way! Your hair care products are built to give nutrients to your hair, therefore, keeping it healthy.


Some Final Tips to Remember

Always spray the shampoo onto your hair from a distance. This will make sure that it is evenly distributed.

Do not apply too much. It will give your hair a dull look. Remember, less is more

Finally, I cannot stress this enough. Only use dry shampoo on dry hair.