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Bayer Priorin Shampoo for Hair Loss Dry and Normal Hair Review

There isn’t a single person on earth who would not want to keep their full set of healthy, strong and shiny hair. Not a single one.

Unfortunately, hair loss is a real problem a very large portion of the population. Both young and old, male and female.

It is normal to shed a little hair while styling. What is alarming and very disturbing is losing chunks of hair every time you wash your hair and when you style it. This is definitely a problem. Especially if you aren’t going through any treatment or medication that could have hair loss as a side effect. Problem is, it could cause you to panic. You start to wonder how long you have till all your hair falls off. The result more often than not is the impulsive buying of products that could send you spiraling even further and deeper into the hair loss world.

Pattern balding in both is one of the major reasons for hair loss. This is a genetic condition that cannot be avoided but the process can be slowed down.It is caused by the presence of DHT in the scalp. When there is an abundance of DHT, hair growth slows down. This causes long periods of rest and eventually, the hairs at rest get weak and fall off. The hair follicles are affected further and eventually stop growing hair at all. The result is balding.

The second reason for hair loss falls under the umbrella of weak, thinning and breaking hair. This condition in hair is brought about by many different occurrences. What they all have in common is that the hair dries, gets weak and then it breaks off, hence hair loss.

There are many reasons for this. For one, it could just be bad genes. As simple as that.

Another reason could be a damaged cuticle layer. This is the protective layer that every single strand of hair has. It plays two crucial roles. One is the role of shielding your hair from environmental damage. The second role the cuticle layer plays is that of locking in moisture and oils. When this layer is damaged for one reason or the other, it will separate and peel away. This action leaves it compromised and as a result, oil and moisture are allowed to escape, leaving your hair dry.

Blow-drying too often or even applying alcohol-based styling products before blow-drying could be another cause for dry hair. Using heated hair straightening methods that come in direct contact with your hair, such as curling irons, could also damage your hair over time. When you can, go under a drier instead of using direct heat styling methods. Try out other styling methods that do not involve hot objects coming into direct contact with your hair and use those when the opportunity arises.

You could also have damaged your hair and stripped away its natural oils over time by washing it or shampooing it with harsh hair products. There are many hair products out there and sometimes in the search for perfection, we unknowingly try out those that end up being harmful. It is important to read through the contents of hair products that you intend to use before you purchase them. This way, you can avoid coming into contact with those that will destroy your hair

Chemicals such as hair dyes, relaxers, and other chemical treatments are also well known for sapping out moisture and oils from your hair, leaving them weak and prone to breaking and hair loss. Avoid those that you can. If it’s unavoidable, try spreading out your use and leave time for your hair to recover. A followup treatment regime is also crucial so as to provide restoration of what has been lost and avoid hair loss.

A poor diet. Your hair could be lacking the nutrients it requires to stay healthy. Some of the nutrients our skin, hair, and nails really need are B vitamins. A balanced diet with all the nutrients and micronutrients is advised for healthy hair. If you are healthy, your hair is healthy too and you will not lose any hair.

It could also just be an age thing. As you grow older, the production of naturally occurring oils and moisture in your scalp reduces. It just naturally slows down. This you cannot avoid. What you can do, though, is postpone it by getting a head-start by using preventative measures like Bayer Prion shampoo for hair loss dry and normal hair. It keeps the inevitable hair loss at bay for much longer.

Whatever the reasons may be that have led to the thinning and loss of your hair, Bayer Prion shampoo for hair loss dry and normal hair is one of the products that does exactly what it claims to do. It gives you thicker, fuller, and denser-looking hair, thus preventing hair loss.



How to Use Bayer Priorin Shampoo for Hair Loss Dry and Normal Hair

The manufacturer’s advice the use of this shampoo every day if you want to see the desired results.

  • Wet your hair
  • Pour some shampoo on your hair
  • Massage it into the scalp and throughout the length of the hair.
  • Lather it
  • Leave it on for five to ten minutes
  • Rinse it out with warm water


You begin to see a change in your hairs appearance as soon as two weeks after you start using Of interest though is that you feel a difference in your scalp from day 1 of using it. Many have said their scalp could “breathe” better. This just proves the theory that it strips off environmental dirt and debris, sebum and completely cleans the scalp to create a better environment for your hair to thrive.



Side Effects

There are no serious side effects listed by the manufacturer. Bayer Priorin shampoo is generally considered safe and because it has been in the market for a while and trust levels have been built amongst its users.

That said, there are a few documented side effects. These include

Scalp Redness

Bayer Priorin Shampoo for Hair Loss Dry and Normal hair can sometimes result in reddening of the scalp. This isn’t anything to worry about though because it usually goes away about one hour after shampooing.

Increased Hair Shedding

This is also no cause for alarm. On the contrary, it should be taken as a good sign. A sign that the formula is working. Sounds strange, right? Let me explain. When hair is too damaged and weak or it is already dead, using the shampoo helps get rid of this type of hair. Hair that is too far gone to be repaired. What happens instead is that it falls off allowing stronger hair to grow in is stead.

There is cause for worry only if this shedding continues after 3 weeks to a month of using the shampoo. At this point, immediately discontinue use of the product and visit your doctor.

An Itchy Scalp

Again, not a cause for alarm.

Your scalp isn’t used to this product. For some, there is itchiness of the scalp but this shouldn’t worry you at all. Just give yourself some time to adapt to the new shampoo. It contains a potent blend of purifying ingredients that need some getting used to.

If this condition doesn’t improve with time, stop using the shampoo immediately and consult your doctor.

Other side effects that are really just a by-product or counter effects of those listed above are flaking, swelling or tenderness of the scalp and Dry hair.



  • Bayer Priorin Shampoo for Hair Loss Dry and Normal hair provides the nutrients your hair requires such as vitamins, proteins, and amino acids. These nutrients help in improving hair growth
  • It can be used by both sexes
  • It strengthens hair, thickens it and gives it volume thus resulting in a fuller appearance
  • It is not absorbed into the bloodstream from the skin. This makes it perfectly safe for you to use it during pregnancy or even when you are lactating


  • It is easy to use. No special application method at all. Just use it the same way you use your regular shampoo


  • The shampoo directly targets the source of the problem and therefore it has a high success rate of treatment
  • You only need to use it once a day
  • Antioxidants that are present in the shampoo shield your hair from natural and environmentally occurring free radicals such as chlorine. They also protect your hair from harmful UV rays and air pollutants.
  • Most users report a decrease in thinning and shedding of hair after using this product
  • It is readily available at most retail stores and salons


  • This shampoo is rather harsh on the pockets
  • The mint ingredient leaves a burning sensation. This takes quite some getting used to!
  • You will need to use the shampoo for a long time before you see the desired result
  • The shampoo is said to rejuvenate hair more than to grow it
  • However amazing or satisfactory the results of using the shampoo may be for you, you can only enjoy them for as long as you continue using the shampoo. Once you discontinue the use of the shampoo, the results stop too


The Bayer Priorin Shampoo is made from herbal extracts that strengthens the hair structure and stimulates hair growth. This natural and highly efficacious shampoo thickens hair for a fuller appearance and help in nourishing thinning, weak and damaged hair. It is very effective compared to many other shampoos and its performance is rapid and effective.

The Bayer Priorin Shampoo contains natural plant extracts and vitamins which help activate all the cells at the bases of the hair root and help to completely stop the process of hair loss or any form of hair thinning.

It also contains glycoproteins that are ideal plant derivatives that stimulate rapid hair growth. It also comprises essential amino acids from apple juice that are soothing ingredients for the scalp activation and healing. It contains Vitamin B5 for proper and adequate hair materials for restoring and moisturising the hair giving volume and perfect radiance. Millet extract is suitable for soothing the scalp and nourishing the hair.


Apply to wet or damp hair, gently massaging the scalp. Leave the shampoo to work for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary, gently massaging the scalp. Let foam act for 2-3 minutes.