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Rogaine Men’s 5% Hair Regrowth Foam Review

Hair Regrowth with Rogaine:

About 20 years ago in the 1980s, scientists who were studying Minoxidil for some other indications, very surprised to discover that it initiates the regrowth of hair. This was a discovery that brought about a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of hair loss. The labs of Rogaine, took Minoxidil as the active ingredient and became the first FDA approved hair regrowth treatment. With a strong backup of more than 20 years of scientific research and over 20,000 cases of clinically trials, Rogaine has become a top brand in hair regrowth industry and is recommended by dermatologists the world over.

Prominent Features:

  • Product Type: Hair regrowth foam with 5% Minoxidil.
  • Hair Type: General thinning of hair on vertex (top of the scalp) or progressive hair loss (hereditary).
  • Packaging Detail: Topical, aerosol. Easy to use silver can packed in a blue cuboid, cardboard container.
  • Minoxidil – the Active Ingredient: The inseparable part of Rogaine is the revolutionary ingredient Minoxidil, which is actually the working technology behind it. When the hair follicles in the scalp shrink down and become inactive, the result is hair loss which leads to baldness. Minoxidil restimulates these shrunken follicles which increase in size, become active again and start initiating hair growth… regrowth actually.
  • Textured Foam: Rogaine foam has a texture and can be felt in your hand, so applying it becomes quite easy. As you can feel its texture, you can easily apply it exactly where you want.
  • Mess-less Application: Rogaine Men’s 5% Hair Regrowth Foam is quite easy to use. It offers mess less application with its perfect foamy consistency. There is no hassle involved in its daily application. You can apply it with an ease of breeze.
  • Instant Drying Formula: It is a quick drying formula that goes on pretty easily and dries quickly. You can use it with ease without crippling your adjustment with your daily routine. Its application (without drying) takes only few minutes.
  • Clinically Proven Results: The miracle formula of Rogaine has a strong backing of clinical trials in which more than 20,000 people were tested with the Rogaine application. It proved to be successful in initiating regrowth in 85% of the men who used Rogaine twice daily for a period of four months.


Rogaine Men’s Regrowth Foam is a most reputable and trusted regrowth treatment available which is FDA approved and recommended by dermatologists. What makes this treatment work is its active ingredient Minoxidil. Minoxidil revitalizes hair follicles and reactivates them to initiate regrowth. It usually takes 4 months for visible results – but only with continuous use. This easy to use foam is clinically tested and has proven to stimulate and maintain hair regrowth.

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