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Top 5 Best Shampoos For Dandruff

1. Redken Scalp Relief Dandruff Control Shampoo

One of the most effective shampoos to control dandruff, the Redken Scalp Relief Dandruff Control Shampoo not only control dandruff attacks, but also prevents many other forms of infection. As the name tells, it is perfect for people with scalp conditions.

It has a unique dry/wet formula that uses Pyrithione Zinc to help fight and control dandruff. It has lavender extract and glycerin added for clarifying, soothing and hydrating the scalp and hair. It primarily and proficiently fights against dandruff growth and help keep the hair health.

If you are having dandruff issues, this product might probably be the best for you!



2. Nioxin Scalp Recovery Cleanser

The Nioxin Scalp Recovery Cleanser is a natural anti-infection shampoo that is very recommended and is usually prescribed by professionals for its anti-dandruff formula and performance.

It helps eliminate seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff and other scalp related problems associated with scalp irritation and itching as part of total scalp care system. This Nioxin product according to many people with issues of dandruff works like magic. It is also very active in stopping and preventing hair flakiness.



3. Head & Shoulders Instant Relief Shampoo

The Head & Shoulders Instant Relief Dandruff Shampoo works great with instant results. You will immediately experience the scalp relieving sensation. The product helps to heal your scalp from dandruff invasion and help to prevent any further microbial and bacterial actions. It does not promote flakiness and may as well be used to war against flakiness and itchiness.

It particularly cleans the scalp as you will equally agree once you start using it. People using this product use it for its fast yet highly effective result it gives.



4. Selsun Blue Micro-Bead Scrub Dandruff Shampoo


The Selsun Blue Micro-Bead Scrub is also a very good shampoo against dandruff. It is popularly known for its relief of flaking and itching due to dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis, and to helps prevent their recurrence. It is very active and tough on dandruff infection, yet gentle on hair. It is a deep cleansing shampoo that totally inhibits the growth of dandruff. It is good and you can use it at least twice in a week for effective performance.



5. AG Hair Control Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

This anti-dandruff shampoo is by far a very powerful anti-dandruff shampoo available without a prescription. It’s effects are highly penetrating and it totally overwhelms any dandruff issues. This strong anti-dandruff shampoo contains twice the active anti-dandruff ingredients and it has none of the tar of other dandruff shampoos.

The AG Hair control Anti-dandruff concentrated formula eliminates dry, itchy scalp quickly, and leaves hair healthy and smelling wonderful.

The shampoo performance is good with any hair type and is recommendable for any age.