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Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo Review

This shampoo is made from Tea tree products. Tea tree products are known to promote hair growth. They also prevent many hair issues and problems such as baldness, psoriasis, head lice and dandruff. The Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo is made from this extracts. This shampoo literally reduces hair loss, and adequately promotes hair growth.

The Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo is very effective in healing scalp from itchiness, flakiness, baldness, head lice, dandruff and so many other hair problems invigorating your scalp and allowing for unblocked blood streaming into the scalp. It leaves your hair smelling great. It lathers well and washes away impurities as hair becomes fresh and clean, full of vitality and lustre. It lathers well and cleans the hair thoroughly. This product works wonderful as it’s ingredients fight against bacterial infections, viral infections, fungal infections and it generally has anti-infection properties.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo

Shampoo might seem like a very trivial part of your haircare routine. Many people simply buy shampoo because its packaging appeals to them. The model on the pack has such long and beautifully strong hair. Your mind tends to believe that that will be the result when you use the shampoo.

So you go about your life using this shampoo. Not much thought is put into what its ingredients are or how they will positively or negatively affect the health of your hair.

Until something happens. It may be age, an illness, medication or just prolonged bad quality shampoo.

For most people, the first reaction is to get a good treatment regime. A really expensive oil treatment or masque. Something that promises heaven on earth for your hair.

Thing is, without getting the basics right, you are laying a bad foundation for your hair health. You are depriving your hair of nutrients that it needs. You are building on to the already existing build-up. You just aren’t treating your hair right.

That’s where for me, and this should be the case for everyone, your shampoo should be as great as the last product in your hair care routine.

A closer look at the ingredients. Knowing what works for your hair type. Being aware of your hairs specific needs. That is important. When I use a shampoo, I really get to know all about it and what it constitutes.

What is Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo?

As the name suggests, this is a shampoo that has tea tree oil as one of its main ingredients.

In their official website, the manufacturers claim that the special ingredients and tea tree oil in the shampoo rid hair of impurities leaving it full of vitality.

It has a refreshing tingle that they claim wakes up weary hair and spirits.

From the list of ingredients, coupled with my experience with different shampoos and extensive research about their ingredients, I was very hopeful that it would eliminate dandruff.

Many users have testified to this too.

Another great quality it has is that the ingredients are natural or as close to the natural state as possible. They are vegan too!

How to Use It

  • Wet your hair
  • Appy a small amount of shampoo on your hair
  • Lather it as you spread it over the entire scalp
  • Massage it in with your fingers as you gently but thoroughly scrub
  • Rinse it out completely with warm water
  • Use the shampoo two to three times a week

How it works

Paul Mitchell tea tree special shampoo has the following contents

  • Tea tree oil


  • Rosemary


  • Lavender oil


  • Wheatgerm oil


  • Limonene


  • Peppermint


  • Aloe Vera Extract

A combination of these ingredients makes it possible for your hair to experience the special benefits each of them has to offer.

Let’s take a more individualized look at these ingredients and how your hair benefits from them



  • It has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. That means it will definitely ward off infection and live


  • It a vasodilator. It increases blood flow and circulation thus stimulating hair growth


  • It has a pleasant cooling sensation on the scalp


  • It treats an irritated scalp, stimulating hair growth


  • It normalizes the production of oil in your scalp by balancing the PH levels


  • It penetrates the hair strands resulting in intense miniaturization


  • It promotes hair growth by increasing the oxygen supply to your scalp


Tea Tree Oil

Treats Dandruff

A fungal, or any other type of infection such as dandruff can hinder the healthy growth of hair. It causes imbalance and irritation causing itching. Scratching the skin results in damage. This, in turn, interferes with the healthy growth of your hair. Fungi occur naturally in the skin but when there’s is a fungal infection, this increase in fungi will disrupt the growth cycle in one way or another.

The microbial properties of tea tree oil fight the fungi that harm your scalp and leave your hair to grow strong and healthy

Cleanses and Clarifies

Tea tree oil will thoroughly cleanse your scalp ridding it of sebum, dirt and toxin buildup.

By so doing, the hair is left clean and open to absorb nutrients. The nutrients then leave you with healthy, thick follicles. It also means that those that were previously deprived of nutrients making them thin now can bounce back to health.

The follicles that had completely stopped growing also rejuvenate and begin to thrive under these new healthy conditions.


Controls Sebum Production

Tea tree oil plays the important role of controlling the production of oil in the skin. Sebum is produced by the skin to keep our hair and skin healthy. It does so by forming a protective barrier around the dermis

Excess sebum production can cause dandruff and even acne. It also leaves your hair feeling and looking greasy causing discomfort.

Sebum is produced by the skin to keep our hair and skin healthy. It does so by forming a protective barrier around the dermis


Soothes and Calms

It calms and soothes a scalp that has been itching due to dryness or dandruff


Rosemary Extract

This is yet another high-value ingredient found in this shampoo. Better yet is the fact that it is found in its natural form.

  • It lowers levels of DHT and may also block it


  • It causes your hair to grow at a rapid pace


  • It increases the rate of new hair that grows


  • It decreases hair loss


  • It increases microcirculation in the scalp


  • It aids the healing process if a damaged or scarred scalp and skin


  • It stimulates blood circulation in the scalp.This, in turn, will promote hair growth
  • It cleans and clarifies, removing excess sebum from the hair follicles. This gives the hair a chance o grow normally


  • It is claimed that rosemary oil prevents balding and to slows down the graying of hair


  • It treats dandruff and itching


  • It provides relief from headaches and improves the memory


  • It treats chronic skin ailments like psoriasis, acne, and eczema


  • It replenishes the nutrients that have over time been lost by your hair


  • It repairs damaged hair


  • It restores moisture to dry, dull and frizzy hair


  • Because it is a natural oil it has no toxins


  • It exterminates lice and its eggs from your hair
  • It treats chronic skill ailments like eczema and psoriasis
  • It prevents hair loss and controls excess sebum production
  • It helps keep Alopecia (An autoimmune disease. The body rejects its own hair follicles)in check.
  • It promotes hair growth
  • It controls pattern baldness
  • Lavender oil increases the flow of blood to the scalp
  • It is an anti-fungal
  • It treats dandruff and other fungal infections
  • It helps prevents the premature greying of hair
  • It helps to heal minor injuries and scars on the scalp


  • It helps in healing and preventing split ends
  • It controls dryness and fizz
  • It functions as a natural hair conditioner
  • It promotes the growth of hair
  • Its emollient properties relieve dryness,adding moisture and softening your hair
  • It contains vitamin E which helps promote skin and cell formation
  • It is very close in formation to the oils produces in the sebaceous glands. For this reason, it is very readily absorbed, leaving your skin moisturized
  • It contains B vitamins. They increase blood circulation, thickening and strengthening your hair



  • It is a natural anti-inflammatory agent
  • It stimulates blood circulation
  • It eases swelling on the skin due to infection, allergic reactions or irritation
  • It eliminates residue of salts and chlorine from the skin
  • It unclogs the pores
  • It heals scarring
  • It regulates the production of oil
  • It prevents hair loss
  • It strengthens the hair follicles
  • It helps to balance the natural PH of the hair and scalp
  • It restores moisture
  • It eliminates dandruff
  • It does not strip hair of its natural oils
  • It combats pattern balding
  • It fights DHT reducing it to less harmful level


Paul Mitchell tea tree special shampoo contains a blend of natural oils and extracts that are combined to keep your hair healthy, strong and lustrous. Its high-quality ingredients allow you get unmatched value for your money.

This shampoo is perfect for mild infections like dandruff. It is however not medicated, so if you have a more severe scalp infection you might want to get a medicated shampoo to use once or twice a week in addition. This, of course, means that you would spend more money than you would if you simply chose a medicated shampoo.

The scent is absolutely great! It is refreshing and in my opinion, it does awaken your spirits and give your morning some spring.

Of concern to me, though, is that it contains SLS. This doesn’t augur well with many because research has shown that this can be harmful. In fact, most hair care products are now being made without probes and SLS.

If you are looking for a shampoo that suits all hair types and makes use of the wonderful underutilized benefits nature has to offer, then this shampoo is for you.



  1. For people with issues of dandruff, hair loss, oiliness, head lice, itchiness and dryness.
  2. Apply shampoo to the scalp and gently massage for 5 – 7 minutes. Leave for ten minutes and rinse with water. You can repeat this best results.
  3. If treating for head lice, comb the hair with a fine tooth comb after washing to remove the lice and eggs. For hair loss, use a mix of tea tree oil with almond oil before shampooing the hair to ensure fast hair restoration.