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Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Shampoo Review

Peter Thomas Roth – an Eponymous Line of Personal Care:

In 1993, the skin and hair care line Peter Thomas Roth took a proper form and gained recognition as the proprietor of quality and integrity as far as skin and hair care is concerned. Today Peter Thomas Roth is synonymous with an all comprehensive, wide ranged collection of products that provide coverage for anything and everything that has ever been of any problem to you as far as your skin and hair are concerned. Yes… it is a broad spectrum that uses clinically valid formulae to treat your cosmetic problems. The Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Shampoo is an advanced composition that is meant to treat multiple hair care problems because of its unique formula.


Prominent Features of the Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Shampoo:

  • Hair Type: Suitable for all hair types
  • Packaging Details: 5 fluid ounce or 250 ml of this unique blend in an upside down compressible tube.
  • Hair Strengthening Infusions: This superb shampoo by Peter Roth is infused with some of the best known hair strengthening agents which penetrates into the hair shaft and strengthens the cortex & the cuticle, making the hair strong and elastic, thus eliminating breakage.
  • Hair Fortifying Inclusions: This Mega Rich shampoo is enriched with some very brief, hair fortifying agents which revitalize dull and damaged hair, invigorates the scalp at the follicular level and cleanses away excessive oil and build up.
  • Biotin B-7 Complex: Biotin, also known as vitamin B-7 is a water soluble B- vitamin. Biotin penetrates deep and helps improve keratin production ( keratin is the building block of the hair). It helps ensures fast hair growth and makes hair strong.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin in this shampoo is the antioxidant that helps and repairs damaged hair. It reduces inflammation and repairs damage to the follicles. It acts as a stimulant to promote the growth of capillaries, making them profusely healthy. This enhances the blood flow in the scalp, leading to strong and healthy hair growth. Vitamin as an effective anti-oxidant also controls the premature graying. It also gives luster and shine to your hair.
  • Vitamin C: is another antioxidant of this formula. It reduces damage that free radicals usually cause. It also prevents your hair from getting dry and brittle.
  • Pro Vitamin B5: is the clever addition to this blend. It acts as a moisturizer, hydrates the scalp, and keeps it soft and healthy. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and promotes the healing processes.

At a Glance:

The Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Shampoo is a clinically formulated blend, infused with some highly effective inclusions. It is a gentle cleanser and works effectively to cleanse the scalp and hair of excessive oil and buildup. The formula is enriched with nourishing and fortifying ingredients. Regular use would transform dry, dull, brittle and damaged hair into smooth, silky, shiny and glamorously healthy locks that is too lustrous to ignore!

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