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Rene Furterer Forticea Stimulating Shampoo Review

Rene Furterer

Featuring high professional expertise in hair care products, Rene Furterer, has earned a respectable name for itself in the hair care industry. It is known to create products that are bio-engineered to bring out and expose your beautiful hair by using essential oils, plant extracts and 99% natural ingredients. All of its products are infused with hair enhancing and fortifying ingredients obtained from nature. The Rene Furterer Forticea Stimulating Shampoo is a delicate blend of various botanical extracts with known efficacy for hair nourishment and fortification.


Prominent Features of the Rene Furterer Forticea Stimulating Shampoo:

  • Product Type: Frequent use, hair stimulating massaging shampoo
  • Hair Type: Perfect blend for thinning hair
  • Packaging Details: 7 fluid ounce / 200 ml
  • Premium Quality Botanical Blend: This shampoo is a rich composition infused with super rich ingredients of botanical origin.
  • Neutral pH Shampoo: Concentrated with active bio-spheres, this unique, essential oils enriched formula has a neutral pH which works according to the scalp’s natural balance. Essentially, it volumizes and fortifies the hair.
  • Frequent Use: This botanical blend is gentle enough to be used frequently as it will not deprive the hair of its natural oils and luster.
  • Activates Blood Circulation: It is recommended by the manufacturer that during its application, the shampoo should be massaged properly as it releases its essential oils and would activate blood circulation during massage. The energizing peptides in the formula, penetrates deep into the scalp and fortifies the follicles and improves the scalp health.
  • Complementary for Other Treatments: This unique shampoo complements and supports other hair thinning treatments by Rene Furterer like Triphasic and RF 80. It sort of maximizes their optimum performance.
  • A Stimulating Shampoo: The Rene Furterer Forticea Stimulating Shampoo now comes in gel consistency and is infused with micro beads of essential oils. It stimulates micro-circulation in the scalp. Hair strength is restored and hair becomes more resistant to breakage and gets added luster and shine.
  • Essential Oils and Extracts: The active bio-ingredients in the blend contain essential oils of orange, lavender and rosemary along with the extracts of pfaffia:
    • 1. Orange Essential Oil: Infused with essential oil of orange, this shampoo acts as an effective cleanser and activates micro-circulation.
    • 2. Lavender Essential Oil: renders antiseptic and relaxing properties to the shampoo.
    • 3. Rosemary Essential Oil: makes the shampoo an excellent toner and stimulate micro circulation. It thus acts as an anti-hair loss shampoo and also controls dandruff.
    • 4. Pfaffia extract: in the shampoo optimizes the supply of essential nutrients to the hair; activates VEGF-the growth factor improves micro circulation and this improves growth.

At a Glance:

The Rene Furterer Forticea Stimulating Shampoo is a gentle cleanser with the consistency of gel-having micro beads of essential oils in it. It is a massaging shampoo that increases blood circulation and provides deep penetration to the peptides; it nourishes the scalp and hair, fortifies the follicles with its rich micro nutrients and makes the hair more resilient, sleeker and shinier.

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